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Access Hatch​


Access Hatch

Surespan are one of the leading UK manufacturers of roof access hatches and floor access covers offering a range of roof hatches, floor doors, ladders, smoke vents and glass roof lights.
Products are available in standard and bespoke options with quick turnaround times.
Surespan factories within the UK provide us with unmatched engineering capabilities and our passionate yet knowledgeable team are more than happy to assist with your projects.
Whether you wish to luxuriate interiors with natural daylight with our glass skylights or require a large industrial floor door, we can help.
Our dynamic performance-led strategy is crafted with finesse and passion inimitable by others.


  • Fire Rated variations up to 240 minutes
  • Bespoke sizes and material, made to order
  • Insulated hatch with 25/50/75mm thick CFC and HCFC free material
  • Retro fitted hatches
  • Incorporated double unbroken EPDM Seal
  • Unique foldaway hinges
  • Manual, Electrical, Hydraulic Operation
  • Weather proof Hatches
  • Various locking options

Roof Access Hatches

Surespan’s Roof Hatches are unmatched in quality and design. We have a heavy focus on providing reliable, safe and convenient access to a variety of roof areas.

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Floor Access Hatches

Surespans Floor Hatches are able to be manufactured to your exact requirements and can be designed to cover all types of applications and finishes.

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