Clarus Waste Water Treatment Solution

Waste Water Treatment Solution

Fusion® Series Treatment Systems

Clarus Environmental’s Fusion Series Treatment Systems are drop-in wastewater treatment units designed for use in decentralized applications where the effluent quality needs to meet or exceed secondary treatment standards.  The Fusion is designed for use in residential, commercial, and small community applications and is available in a variety of treatment capacities, from 450 gpd to 4,000 gpd.  All models up to 800 gpd are NSF Std. 40 certified to produce an effluent quality of 9 mg/L CBOD5 and 9 mg/L TSS.  The Fusion’s unique design enables it to be installed without a pretreatment tank, making it ideal for use on sites where space is limited.  Effluent disposal options include conventional trenches, dosed systems, drip irrigation, or disinfection with direct discharge.

  • Produces better than secondary quality effluent
  • Highly adjustable to site conditions
  • Easy installation with only 4 pipe connections
  • Less than 80 Watts of power consumption
  • Lifetime warranty on the media



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