Surespan Smoke Vents

Smoke Vents

Our 140° AOV glazed smoke vent is operated by a 24v DC actuator, and the lid is filled with 50mm of CFC and HCFC free insulation with a      minimum U-Valueof       0.43W/m2K to BS 4841-5: 2006.All of our standard 140° AOV ventilators are manufactured to meet the requirements of Building Regulations, Approved Document B, BS9999 and EN12101-2 and are supplied CE marked.Lids are supported by heavy-duty stainless-steel axel pins and feature an integral ‘wrap over’ edge, incorporating double seals. Upstands have a purpose made flashing to accept the roof felt (supplied by others and fitted under manufacturer’s instructions) flush to exterior insulation.

Smoke ventilators can be supplied with an offset mechanism to provide use as a roof access hatch as well as a Glazed Smoke Vent. Smoke ventilators can be adapted for pitched roof scenarios.


Smoke Vents

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