Sector Solutions

Sector specific performance needs

Whether you need a high performance acoustic solution for a classroom, easy-clean vinyl ceiling tile for a food preparation or restaurant area, an attractive, fresh white tile for an office environment, or a moisture and micro-organism resistant tile for a hospital… Whatever your sector, or design you have in mind, we’ve the solution to suit.

Metal, Mineral fibre, Soft fibre and Gypsum plasterboard – we have the choice, technical expertise and experience to help you choose the right ceiling solution for your project.

Retail and Leisure

Easy to handle. Easy to maintain. Cost effective…

We’ve been working with the some of the largest retailers in Britain for over 20 years. That’s why we have such a clear understanding of the exact products you need, and why lead time is so important.


Acoustic performance. Aesthetic appeal. First class ceiling and acoustic solutions for education environments.

When you’re constructing or refurbishing an educational building, you often need several different suspended ceilings under one roof. That’s because there may be a whole suite of different learning spaces, office spaces, eating areas and leisure facilities to cater for, each with different requirements. To give you an idea, a suspended ceiling in a classroom needs to balance the competing aims of absorbing excessive noise, while carrying the right sounds to every corner of the room. Fire safety and cost effectiveness are also key requirements for educational ceiling solutions.

Fortunately, we have extensive experience in supplying suspended ceilings and dependable acoustic solutions for every kind of educational space. We’ve provided suspended ceiling solutions for establishments across all learning stages – BSF, PCP, Academies and more. Developing ceiling products which meet the stringent design guidelines laid out in the Building Bulletin documents.

When it comes to ensuring acoustic excellence, ceilings with high absorption, combined with strategically high placed wall absorbers, such as those in the Sequence range, can help create the kind of environments which stimulate students visually, and enhance concentration due to improved acoustics.

Along the way, we’ve gained valuable insight and expertise in how to get the most from a tight budget, all the while still providing ceiling tiles that meet stringent acoustic, safety, durability and ecological demands.

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